Amazon Optimization
that gives you real

take-it-to-the-bank profits.

Deep Keyword Research for competitive advantages that other sellers simply miss - this helps you to rank your product with Ferrari-like speed

Unique Selling Propositions that are emotionally "sticky" (like day-old gum in your favorite sweater...that never goes away...ever)

Optimized Product Titles to help Amazon's A9 sniff out your product like a Labrador with a lost chew toy, then eagerly offer it up to new shoppers (only without the slobber)

Optimized Bullet Points with density triggers to get you some additional A9 Search lovin' 

Item Type Keyword Selection because our goal at 4th Wall is a pleasant customer experience, so we make even category selection a cut-and-paste activity (even if you have to use those nasty flat-files - yuck!)

Backend Search Terms completely prioritized and de-duplicated to start PPC ads off with a bang

Powerful Product Descriptions that are not afterthoughts (like most sellers treat them). Why? Because this is what mobile users see - so we just go ahead and make it awesome

Primary Keyword Selection becaus if you try and hit everything you hit nothing, so we laser focus your copy to get the fastest long-term results

Secondary & Top Tier Keyword Selection, no black boxes here, we show you everything we target, so you can make informed business decisions (even if you never use us again)

Copy That Gets ATTENTION

All paid advertising...all images...all marketing begins with gutsy, unique, emotion-stirring copy that sets you apart from the crowd of competitors.  

To be sure, when it comes to making SEO work with copy, we know what tickles Amazon’s A9 algorithm to send you traffic (even without PPC).

But, what you ALSO want is copy that converts (and that goes well beyond metrics and keyword density…). 

Great copy is artistry that attracts searches and yet, quite simply, charms customers into buying.

Lighting For Dimension means that we don't use silly "light boxes" that create flat lifeless images - instead we use professional techniques, such as backlighting, contour lighting, and fill lighting to make your products pop off the page

Proper Visual Grammar is how our experts know where to place the camera to change a product photo from "so-so" to "hero shot"

A Full Photo Shoot means we shoot the whole product so we won't just use the same photo over-and-over (or worse, use those dreadful factory photos), we shoot sometimes close to 200 well-composed photos - just to get the right angles that will excite your customers and sell your products

Detailed image design shows each critical feature (up close, and personal) so your customers feel like they've held your product with their own hands

Includes multiple lifestyle photos that take shoppers to their "happy place" where they enjoy an emotional connection to your product 

A full 7 Image Stack has just the right amount of emotionally charged images to answer "logical reasons to buy;" for a complete marketing experience that converts into real bankable profits

USP Driven Imagery is crafted to bring to life all those Unique Selling Propositions from your copy

Expert Product Photography is hyper critical when your product is naked on an all-white background

Pro Gear Only: When it comes to getting an edge on the competition, things like lighting and lenses make a real difference - our gear cost us more, but it shows in the final designs, and in sales


Some recent comments about Sean’s work…

4th Wall Marketing

2260 Park Towne Cir #101

Sacramento, CA 95825

sean [at]

Images That Stir EMOTION

Buying decisions are emotional.

There is no way for a customer to pick up your product, consider it, and become emotionally attached to it through a computer screen – that is where imagery goes to work for you.

Let's be frank, crafting marketing images that convert is not easy.

Good marketing images (images that cause sales) involves knowledge well beyond “Photoshop skills”. 

This is just as true as saying that crafting good copy involves knowledge well beyond “typing skills”.

If your images do not connect emotionally, you kill sales – end of story.

What's Goes Into Your 4th Wall Image Stacks:

From Sean Farrington:

Hey! I am a full-time Amazon marketer with years of Amazon expertise in creating fast-ranking, high-converting listings for top 10% and 5% Amazon Sellers.

I offer true drop-in listings that include everything from SEO, listing copy and marketing image design.

But let’s be direct…

Unless you’re an experienced marketer, keeping Amazon sales growing and profitable is not an easy process - and if you are not careful you could end up losing a small fortune.

I have spent countless hours in the trenches making Amazon work.

I know how to optimize listings that will make Amazon’s A9 search engine list you alongside the big boys fast! (Even without PPC).  Plus, I know what it takes to get customer’s clicking onto your listing without wasting time or money.

You can take a peek at my video mentioned above which will show you a sample of my work. 

Check it out to get a feel for who I am ( or just peek and see if I know my stuff).

If you want to chat further about your goals, let me know 🙂



"Sean's attention to detail in both copywriting and images are second to none. I gave him 2 new products and the conversions on both have far exceeded my expectations. I want my money back from all the other companies I've used in the past!" - Ben Dewitt (Seasoned Amazon Seller)

“You are the author of my copy and I really like it... Especially when I see my sales statistics!”   - Lukasz Leeluk (Top International Seller)   

“This copy is the best!!! super!” - Jovi Minoza (Top 20% Amazon Sales Company)

“It is the talent that sells products. I have been doing this for over 30 years and you would be surprised how many talented copywriters I have come across. Not that many…Like any writer, painter, photographer etc you either have a talent or you do not. And you do!" - Mike Collins (Top 10% Amazon Seller)               ​​​​​​​

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"One of our products is in a very competitive niche was doing nothing, maybe 3-5 sales a week. All we did was have Sean update the listing for us and now it is up to 25 sales per day."

- Jason C. (Top Amazon Seller)

"We’re lucky that we found you. I was expecting to do 30 sales a day, we blew way past that. 2/3rds of the people landing on our product page are buying, and it’s all because of what you did for our listing."

- Dan Marino (Brand Manager)

"My product went from being ranked over #30,000 to being ranked #832 in one day. I am staying up all night tonight just to get more inventory in.”  

- Randy Boyd (Seasoned Amazon Seller)

“Hi Sean, just wanted to let you know that my sales have (AT LEAST) doubled…”    

- Wendy Monroe (Formerly-Frustrated Seller)

"The reason
whyIhire, and would recommend, Sean Farrington is because he does exactly want I need and then some. He is by far the best at what he does, and delivers great results."

- Elena Gonzalez (Top Amazon Seller)

"100% worth hiring Sean. He not only increased my conversions with his outstanding copy-writing skills but gave me
bonusadviceof how to optimize my images to increase conversions even more. I am definitely using him for all future jobs! :)”

- Maria Casarez (Full-Time Amazon Seller)

Hey Sean! I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome copy! You (did) such a great job."

- Kristian Herrera (Top 20% Amazon Seller)

"Sean is great copywriter and marketer. Wish he would clone himself :)”

​​​​​​​- Łukasz Gazda (Full-Time Amazon Seller, Poland)