Buying Decisions Are Emotional....

There is no way for a customer to pick up your product, consider it, and become emotionally attached to it through an iPhone, or a computer screen – that is where imagery goes to work for you.

Let's be frank, crafting marketing images that convert is not easy. Good marketing images (read: images that cause sales) involves knowledge well beyond “Photoshop skills”. 

This is just as true as saying that crafting good copy involves knowledge well beyond “typing skills”.

If your images do not connect emotionally, you kill sales – end of story.

Hi, I'm Sean Farrington, a e-Commerce conversion expert, and I have the privilege of helping top 10% and 5% Amazon sellers earn real take-it-to-the-bank profits with their products. 

Our marketing image design responsible for generating fast-ranking, high-converting listings for huge multi-million dollar brands.

My clients know what works on Amazon, and they hire me to craft listings that put more money in their pockets daily. 

Without the correct images, you will waste your time wondering if anyone will ever visit your listing, or whether Amazon will banish your listings you to the hinterlands where good products go to die. 

We eliminate all the guesswork so you never again waste your time or money on a poor conversions.

- Sean


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High-Impact 7-Image Stack

7 images that pull your customer into an emotionally charged experience. Starting with a unique Main Image that stops the hypnotic scroll through search results, to lifestyle images for a complete marketing experience that converts into real bankable profits.

Emotion Driven Image Design

Our team focuses on choosing the right composition and crafting clear graphic elements to bring all of your Unique Selling Propositions to life. This creates a truly integrated marketing design that supports both the emotional and the logical reasons for your customers to click the Buy Now button!

Pictures Worth A Thousand Details

Bringing the old "Show, don't tell" selling maxim to e-Commerce, we craft detailed images that shows each critical feature (up close, and personal), so your customers feel like they've held your product with their own hands, while answering questions before they are even asked.

Expert Photography For Your "Hero"

We perform a full photo shoot to avoid using the same photo over-and-over (or worse, use those dreadful factory photos). And our experts know how to Light For Dimension (no silly "light boxes") and with proper Visual Grammar to change an image from "so-so" to "hero shot"  and make your products pop off the page.