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Thanks for taking advantage of the Perfect Amazon Title Template. I hope it is a blessing to you and your business. 

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Hi, I'm Sean Farrington, an Amazon Copywriter and Marketing Strategist. I have the privilege of helping top 10% and 5% Amazon sellers earn real take-it-to-the-bank profits. 

The Perfect Title Template (part of my 3 phase Amazon Listing Strategy) is responsible for generating fast-ranking, high-converting listings (even without PPC) for huge multi-million dollar brands.

My clients already know what works on Amazon, and yet they hire me (at a premium) to craft listings that put more money in their pockets daily. 

Without this knowledge, you will waste your time staring at a blank white screen taking guesses on how to create your next title. And then you will sit there wondering if that title will get customers onto your listing, or whether Amazon will banish your listings you to the hinterlands where good products go to die. 

With this tool, you'll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money on a poor listing title.

Use and enjoy! 

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The "Prime Real Estate" In Your Title

The most underutilized piece of Amazon Listing real estate that MOST sellers are ignoring which is actually harming and reducing your CTR's. (Note: Ignore this and you will gasp while Amazon happily chews through your advertising budget while you see no sales).

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The Exact Sequence To Attract Clicks​​​​​​​

The specific order of each title element is critical, and will learn how to order them for the most effective result. This is a factor that most sellers don't know and end up leaving a small fortune on the table. You learn this, and they will be scratching their heads while you own the market.

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The 12 Steps To Money-Making Titles

The 12 essential phases needed for every Amazon Title that causes the highest CTR's and Conversions - all while pre-framing your prospect to ignore the competition even before they see your full listing And you get it all charted out so you can bypass all the learning and go straight to a proven formula that works!

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Discover The SEO That Gets A9 Love

Amazon SEO is more than just keywords, you will learn how to manipulate your title so that you can grab the most A9 Algorithm love, while also attracting actual human shoppers to hypnotically click and then buy your products without a second thought.