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Perfect Amazon Title Training. Let's go...

I want to encourage you... 

​​​​​​​It is not your fault.

Hey, so I don’t know why you stuck with me this far? Maybe, your hungry. Maybe you really want Amazon to work for you. You want to make money. Travel the world. Fire your boss. Not be in the 9-to-5 cubicle grind. Or, you just want to enjoy life!

I am not sure what your reason is, but I’m guessing that you’ve probably figured out that Amazon is the fastest growing platform to make those dreams a reality. 

Yet I can sense your frustration. I have seen it before. 

There is just not enough time in a day, so you’re not launching fast enough. 

- Or -

When you do launch you’re not getting enough sales. So you feel like everyone is passing you by while you struggle to break onto page #4.

Maybe you're frustrated to the point of giving up and moving on to greener pastures. Yet, you know Amazon can work, you’ve seen the evidence (it’s just not working well enough for you).

Are you feeling like other sellers are passing you by?

Do you feel like you’re about to miss the Amazon boom?

Do you have products in your garage

(or office) waiting to be launched?

Are you seeing your competitors gobbling up all the sales (and reviews)?

Are you frustrated because you know you can do this… and yet,  you

aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for?

The fact is, with Ecom Optimization you can make sales faster and at a higher price than you could any other way.

I’ve show you how to use cutting edge info and back-breaking research to literally surround your listing with salivating shoppers who will materialize your dreams faster than you’d ever thought possible.

Now, it’s time for you to act on this.

It’s true. 

There really is not enough time in a day for you to get everything done (especially if you still work full-time). 

Maybe you’ve started to realize that to compete on today’s Amazon that there are just too many moving pieces.

Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed and just plain tired.

And to make it worse, each guru has unique opinions on how to do Amazon correctly - and now you’re sometimes baffled by what to do first.

I have seen it all before. And you are not alone. 

The fact is that you are being bombarded by information. Coaches, Facebook groups, Youtube Videos - everyone is showing you a different way to skin the cat (by the way, why would you want to skin a cat anyway? Yuck!)

I call this bombardment  “The Curse of Free Information”. You watch a video, download an ebook. Scribble some notes and then what do you have?

Too many tasks on your plate!

A plate that was already overflowing with tasks...

Hey, listen, I am not against information. I love information. But I’d rather have a spoonful of  WISDOM over metric ton of INFO any day of the week!

Info is just RAW KNOWLEDGE. It is abundant (which is why you get it for free). 

The problem is that there are hordes of Amazon sellers (just like you) who are absolutely


What they need is not another free youtube video, ebook, or course, what they need is wisdom on how best to break through! 

Wisdom is knowing what to do and when to do it.

Wisdom is also knowing what knowledge (strategies, tactics) to ignore.

Wisdom simplifies. Wisdom cuts through clutter and chaos.

And, wisdom only be had from people who have seen (and traveled) the paths you are about to travel. 

Now, I am not claiming that I can guide you past all the dangers on your Amazon journey...

I can't... I am not a guru!

I learned a long time ago (after getting beat up by many mentors) that success is built on strengths, not on weaknesses. 

I have weaknesses. One of my is Logistics. Sure, I can do them, but compared to others, I suck

So guess what?

I steer clear of logistics and focus on what I am good at: Marketing.

This means, that if you want to know how to ship a 40 Foot General Purpose High Cube from Ningbo  to LA,

I am not your guy!

But if you are the type that absolutely hates to write, and sucks at imagery, and your sales are suffering for it; then I will probably be extremely helpful to your business, and this is an area where I can definitely add wisdom to your journey.

And that is the key.

At some point (hopefully sooner rather than later) all top Amazon sellers realize that in order to grow to the point where their income has serious world-changing impact, that they have to DELEGATE

In order to unleash future potential, you too must learn to use your time on tasks that are the highest-and-best use of your time.

I believe that is why you are here. You know this instinctively

You know that you have to start using systems and begin outsourcing, If you don’t then YOU will always be the limiting factor to your growth - always

Once you release yourself from tasks that you have no time to do (or hate to do), you then unleash the potential of your business for a MEGATON explosion in sales.

When your business is set up this way you will enjoy sales pouring in.

You will see your sales rank (and your  REVIEWS) increasing.

You will be able to stockpile cash and then use it to launch new products.

It really can be as simple as:

  1. Finding your new products.

  2. Getting them shipped.

  3. Copy and paste your listings.

  4. Start selling.

Then if you want to go full automation simply set up your suppliers to monitor your accounts (with limited Seller Central access) and let them send replenish your inventory directly into Amazon for you.

You can now enjoy a HANDS-FREE business, which allows you to:

Take vacations. 

My Image

Launch new businesses. 

Fire your boss.

Invest in Real Estate.

Discover how to paint...in Paris.

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But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

You can also stop worrying about having to Hit a Homerun on each product because with a great listing you can let each product in your lineup start carrying its own weight.

You will enjoy launching products.

NO MORE dreading the launch.

NO MORE gnawing ulcers.

NO MORE nagging thoughts that you forgot something critical.

You can live your dreams, and hit your goals because your listings are

converting shoppers into buyers… Automatically. 

But, this isn’t me tooting my horn, I say this for your benefit.

I have worked with more top-level sellers (including corporations who hire me to transition them onto Amazon). 

When we work together you get all of that Amazon experience and market knowledge working to 

...make your products the Star!

I have seen what works (and what doesn’t).

The fact is that I have worked on so many ASINs in so many categories, with so many niches that I couldn’t count them all…

Even if you put a gun to my head.

And, there are some crazy story as well. Stories of insane marketing experiments - all at the owners' request - testing and trying different strategies and tactics. So, I have some pretty wild experiences of what doesn’t work as well (note: usually it involves some shiny new marketing tool).

While I am always game for such fun marketing antics, I am actually more pleased to take your product and do what I know works, and get it right. First time. Every time. 

Because I have so many top-sellers as customers (and friends) I am on top of Best Practices. This means that you get only the best of what is working today - so you can avoid launching new products with outdated methods.

This is important. Let me tell you why…

Great listings simply convert better. I’m sure that isn’t mind-boggling. But it is CRITICAL, here’s why.

Amazon wants to make money.

If your listings covert shoppers into buyers, then Amazon will send you traffic. If you convert more than your competitors, then they will send you

EVEN MORE TRAFFIC (even without PPC). 


Because your listing simply has a better chance of closing the sale.

And Amazon really likes when sales happen, because each sale means that Amazon gets paid (those greedy capitalists). 

And the fact is that nothing converts shoppers into buyers like a hard-hitting, high-energy copy that is masterfully packed with just the right mix of research and psychology. Then all of that artfully mixed with NLP specific language that takes your demographic to their “happy place” creating an emotional state that is critical to moving them into


This means your listing will stand tall as a virtual sales associate working for you day-and-night, 24/7, weekends and holidays, 365 days a year without sick leave or vacation. And your virtual sales associate guides shoppers until they are sitting there with an 

adrenaline-soaked “click finger”

just itching to buy!

And the joy doesn’t let up until they SLAM down the button and SIGH with relief knowing that your product is on its way to solve their problems.

And your bank account just got a little bit fuller.

And you smile with pride knowing that you built an Amazon business that cranks out awesome Amazon Payouts (month-after-blessed-month).

And you did it by delegation.  

All you did was take a complete, market-ready listing and copy-and-paste into Seller Central. Click “Save”. That’s it. 

Also, if you are into PPC, you can super-charge your sales...

I literally give you the exact phrases to cut and paste into your back-end search terms, so that your PPC can stay laser-focused from the get-go.


  • No more worrying about missing a critical item (just copy-and-paste)

  • No more fretting what to write - or what not to write (just copy-and-paste)

Heck, you don’t even have to copy-and-paste... I can just as easily send my work to your Virtual Assistant and they can do it all for you!

NO MORE procrastinating on launches.

NO MORE looking at product sitting in your garage (or on the office floor). 

You can just ship it in, and upload all of my hard work, and you are launch-ready without breaking a sweat. 

This means that you can take a completely automated approach to launching, that will turn on the sales FULL BLAST and infuse your business with cash. Cash that you can use to grow your product line. 

Just image what it would be like to go from killing it on only 1 or 2 products, to selling 15, or even 20 products!

Where would your income be? 

What lifestyle would you be leading?